Awuleth' iPen yami Pen yam'

Friday, October 18, 2013


Its been such an honor being read and reviewed since the Booker jambanja started a couple of months ago, but I'll admit that sometimes it's also been awkward and plain crazy, though of course I'd be an idiot to complain. So, I'm only juss saying, and not complaining, and really, God knows (I don't mean my character, I mean the Oga at the top) that I am truly, truly humbled and grateful and inspired and encouraged and awed and confused and uplifted by everything. Special thank you to ALL my readers, regardless of what they think about the book, and to those generous ones who have taken the time to reach out and let me know how they feel. There are moments I stare at all your kind messages and words go through the broken window...
Ah, what a pleasure to be in the presence of an amazing group of writers in Jim and Jhumpa and Colm and Ruth and Eleanor, just simply beautiful. And, finally, a heartfelt congratulations to our winner, Eleanor Catton, so so proud, so thrilled for you - thank you for creating. And now, hopefully, rest, normalcy! 


  1. It is very touching big sis! and your humility shines through it. plain crazy! hmmm good you're not complaining cos thousands of writers will love to be in your shoes! Man Booker shortlistee! and its funny as usual haha, God knows i dont mean my character, i mean the Oga at the top. hehehe, I hope you also didn't steal anything from the Booker people which you'll send to me. hehehe

  2. Wow! I just finished reading We Need New Names, and I immediately started googling to find out more about you. I love your book. Your writing is colourful, moving, powerful, wonderful ... Immediately before reading your book I had finished reading Elizabeth Catton's The Luminaries. I am a New Zealander, like Elizabeth, and I was proud when she was nominated then won the prize. The thing is, when I finished reading The Luminaries I was a bit disappointed. It had started well and I enjoyed reading it but I'd only recommend it with some reservation. Given that we kiwis are parochial and fiercely protective of our own because there are so few of us, that's surprising. However, I unreservedly recommend We Need New Names. Comparisons are odious, but your story is more meaningful and reflects the human condition with more power and will stay with me for much longer. I look forward to reading more of your work. Please write much much more. Congratulations on being nominated. Please tell me you will be publishing more soon.